Tyrone’s Jacket

Tyrone’s Jacket is the reincarnation of channels lost to chance; that now make up the face-slapping, body-shaking experience one would try to explain when describing their live performance. Three wandering souls connected by one new spiritual creative flow, (Producer King David) who is helping weave them together and creating the bond that seals their new shared fate. Reimagined and reborn with a striking musical / visual attraction their highly energetic performances have resulted in a wave of word of mouth hype that has earned them spots on three national tours and multiple music festivals. This has elevated them to somewhat mythic proportions because so little of their recorded material has been available to the public. Armed with a slew of singles set to release in 2019, frontman Knowaking (lead vocals), MUDLUX (vocals/guitar) and Ry Toast (DJ) are set to take the world by storm in 2019.

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